About Me

Scandinavian Bob Here Hi!

As a former anxiety sufferer my goal with my YouTube channel, and online content, is to make videos and articles where I share helpful tools and tricks on how to cope with anxiety.

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DISCLAIMER: I Am NOT a Doctor Or a Therapist

I am not a doctor or a therapist. I’m just a guy who likes to read and learn a lot, and when it comes to personal experiences, I’m a also a guy who knows a little something about anxiety…

…way too much actually. When watching my videos, you will probably notice that English is not my native language (I live up here in the cold Scandinavia) so my grammar might be a bit off sometimes. I hope that won’t take anything away from the content.

My Goals And What I want To Achieve

I once heard a wise man say: “Be the person you needed most when you needed him the most”. That is not a bad way to live when we think about it. Looking back at the times in my life when I was the most insecure, shy and anxious, I can see how much I would have wanted to see videos like the ones you can find on my channel.

If YouTube had been around (heck even internet was not around back when I was a young insecure man) I know I would have watched every video, trying all the tools and tips one by one, practiced them and implemented the ones I found to be the most effective, into my life.

I Finally Overcame My Anxiety And Shyness – And So Can You!

Over the years I have, by trial and error, come up with tools, tricks and ways that have helped me become more secure, less shy and simply being able to enjoy life much more (as one really CAN do without the negative self talk and the unpleasant feelings that so often accompanies shyness).

However it took me a great deal of time to get here, and it is therefore my sincere hope that my online content will save you a lot of that time, and that you’ll quickly find many of the tools and tricks I share to be of value for you too. 

Try MANY Tools and NEVER Give Up!

I urge you to try all of them, see which of them works and which of them don’t. Throw away the ones that don’t do anything for you and incorporate the gold nuggets into your life’s toolbox. Almost every video will also include a short explanation as to WHY the tools I share work, and I will briefly touch on the science behind it.

This is because I know, from my own experience, that many of us learn things much more effectively if we know at least something about the structure of the concept we have in front of us. And besides, then you don’t have to take just my word for it, but you can actually see some more depth behind the videos.

Many of them are really amusing so, last but not least, have fun on your journey, watching yourself become less shy and grow more and more badass for every day.

And remember, this is a journey. Perhaps a longer journey than you would like it to be, but I know you’ll get there. You CAN and you WILL !

Much Love!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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